English Excellence with Chhaya

Do You Struggle To Speak English?

Level 1

Spoken English Course

Learn how to use Grammar, Pronunciation and Vocabulary to Speak English Fluently and Confidently. Learn the basics of English language. If you fumble in English ,are low in confidence — Join our Spoken English course to learn the foundation of English language conversation.

Level 2

Advanced English Course

Learn Effective Communication Skills with our level 2 program. We Correct your grammatical errors. Up your vocabulary game. Enhanced vocabulary and flawless pronunciation. Speech practice with our experts will make you an effective communicator. Communication is the key to success in your life. Express your thoughts effectively through English. Join our Advanced English Language to Master Communication in English.

Level 3

English Excellence Program

If you have specific learning needs in English Language and Communication Skills Training. This is the Course for you. Based on your current language and communication levels, a tailor-made, Individual course is designed to meet your objective. If you are looking for the highest level of language proficiency, Join our premium course English Excellence Program.

Looking for Speaking Skills for the Real World – Join Our Level Wise English Communication Skills Programs

Short Term Courses

Learn the Techniques of a Skill in 5 Hours


Relationship of sounds and pronunciation, vocabulary building from basic to advanced.

Creative Writing

Master the art of writing creatively with flair and ease.

Public Speaking and Presentation

How to be a master presenter? Body language, projection, presentation tools. The art of being an effective public speaker.


A short term course on reading for language development.

Email Writing

Email writing for professional communication. How to express your thoughts with clear & simple techniques.

Interview Training

Learn how to ace an interview. Preparing for standard interview questions & mock sessions.

Who Can Join Our Courses?

Working Professionals

Business Owners



College Students

Professional Course Aspirants

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